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This online record keeping system offers you convenience, simplicity and security. All information (pedigree, health records, genetic evaluations, carcass characteristics) can be stored, allowing automatic age verification, simple tracking of health records, evaluations of your choice and the ability to connect with information on that animal at any time. Other programs let you manage data on your farm but bioTrack lets you see beyond your farm gate. This allows you to make better business decisions that affect your bottom line.

What are the Benefits of using bioTrack?

bioTrack allows collection of all information on an animal throughout its life. Information flow across seed stock, cow calf, feedlot and packing sectors will allow you to make better business decisions including selection of replacement females and herd sires. Always accessible and always secure, we make information management easy and relevant!


Commercial Producers - bioTrack gives you easy access to herd inventory, free age verification within six hours of entering calf details, and other tools to assist with herd management i.e. movements, health records, and sales features.

Testimonial: "It has taken us less time and frustration to enter the whole cow herd and calf crop than it did to simply age verify a calf crop in prior years". Lake Mabou Farms

Purebred Producers - Using the Across Breed Comparisons (ABCs), successful purebred breeders are able to better market bulls to commercial breeders.

Testimonial: "Without BIO Across Breed EPDs we wouldn't have been able to sell so many bulls each year to other breeders in Ontario.  bioTrack has made our operation a success for 10 years". Marywood

Value Chain - Connect your information across sectors to track market needs and establish a unique product that gives an edge on the competition.

Exporters - Traceability is achieved through tracking animal movements and health records in bioTrack.

Extension Resources - bioTrack gives you the ability to connect herd information from year to year, track expenses and provide better support to producers.

Testimonial: "For years we have been keeping our beef herd records by various methods.  Each year it is harder to keep it organized and in one location.  After using BIO for a month, we are very impressed with the accessible, helpful and courteous staff.  The data base is far superior with many ways to include our own details.  It has taken us less time and frustration to enter the whole cow herd and calf crop than it did to simply age verify a calf crop in prior years.  It is one less step for us that BIO looks after age verification within hours...definitely a bonus!" Lake Mabou Farms

What do you need to know?

Designed with you in mind, bioTrack will work with high speed or dial up Internet access. Information is stored in grid format, allowing you to view all your animals on one screen. The grid is customizable in two ways. First, you decide which columns of data to view, and multiple layouts can be saved for different purposes, effectively creating your own reports. Second, columns of data can be sorted (by cow age, weaning index, etc) to allow for easy comparison and effective decision-making. Data is highly secure and routinely backed up, taking away the worry of using your home computer system. Best of all, you decide how bioTrack can best help you, from management to genetics, on your farm and beyond.

How do I get started on bioTrack?

You can join a free webinar to learn more, send us an email to or better yet give us a call toll free 1-855-246-2333 x 315.  We will be happy to give you a free, no obligation demo!


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Seminars are being held biweekly.